††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† DECEMBER 4, 2008 MINUTES

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Honorable Burton C. Conner, Chairman


TrusteesAttending: ††††††††††† Honorable Burton C. Conner, James T. Walker, Esquire and Paula A. Lewis, County Commissioner


Trustees Absent:†††††††††††††††††† Jonathan Ferguson, Esquire and Jim Wilder


Others Absent:††††††††††††††††††††† Lynn T. Atkinson, Secretary


Others Attending:†††††††††††††††† Nora J. Everlove, Librarian




I.††††††††† Previous Minutes:

††††††††††† Mr. Walker moved approval of the October 3, 2008 Minutes and the motion was carried unanimously.Mr. Walker later advised that the minutes did not reflect an actual meeting date and requested that they be amended to reflect the October 3, 2008 meeting date.The amendment was made to the minutes and they were unanimously approved.


II.††††††† Financial Reports:

††††††††††† Ms. Everlove reported that our September income as discussed at the last meeting is equal to about one and half months.There was almost $38,000.00 in revenues.†† Updated financial reports for September 2008 were presented at the meeting.The updated financial reports were reviewed and discussed.Judge Conner reported that Ms. Atkinson sent the financial statements for July, August and September 2008 along with the minutes for the meeting.Judge Conner stated that he noticed that on the August paperwork that on the revenues she highlighted interest on investments in the amount of $482.24.He assumed that she did that because either she wanted to report something to the Board or that she had a question of Ms. Everlove.Additionally she highlighted on the August paperwork for the Law Library Revenues Spreadsheet $85.00 under copies.Finally she highlighted on the spreadsheet for expenses for the August paperwork under telephone $1,294.00.It says that it is a refund.Judge Conner stated that since Ms. Atkinson is not present that this matter be tabled until the next meeting so that Ms. Atkinson can give an explanation as to these highlighted items.Mr. Walker stated that he continues to find considerable pleasure in the operating cash statements that we are provided with when he compares the current cash account of $244,000.00 as of September 30, 2008 with the $249,000.00 of September of 2007.It is substantially the same and continues to show that weíre actually running a little ahead in terms of revenues compared to expenses.Mr. Walker stated that he agreed with Judge Conner that the approval of the financial statements be deferred to the following meeting.†† The adoption of the financial statements for July, August and September, 2008 were tabled until the January 2009 meeting.


III.†††††† Digital Recorder:

††††††††††† Judge Conner reported that the cassette recorder is broken and asked if a new recorder could be purchased for the recording of the minutes.Ms. Lewis stated that she felt that the expenditure for equipment is authorized.Ms. Everlove said that there is an equipment line item and she certainly feels that it would fall under that.Judge Conner asked if there was any concern by the Trustees as to a limit for the secretary to spend on a recording device.Mr. Walker stated that the only question he has is if the recorder is only used to record the meeting minutes.Judge Conner stated that is the only function that he is aware of.Mr. Walker stated that is the money is budgeted for it he feels that it would strictly be an administrative acquisition by staff and it is his understanding that it is no necessary to obtain approval by the Trustees for such acquisitions.There is a consensus of the Trustees that the Librarian and the Secretary can collaborate and make an appropriate purchase of a recording device.


IV.†††††† Friendís of the Rupert J. Smith Law Library:

††††††††††† Mr. Walker reported that the Friendís had a research course earlier in November and it was very poorly attended.†† Only one person showed up for the first session and no one for the second session.Mr. Walker feels that it is a good concept, but they just havenít found the right buttons to push to make it click.The Friendís are going to try it again and this time with a long lead time, long enough so that they can have a much more extensive outreach program to get the word out and also Ms. Everlove is in the process of getting him a copy of the notice so that it can be given to the Bar Associations.Judge Conner stated that he knows that the St. Lucie County Bar Association has done one or two foreclosure workshops and more are coming up.It is his understanding that these workshops are designed to help lay people understand the foreclosure process, particularly those people who cannot afford an attorney.Judge Conner asked Mr. Walker if he has worked with the Bar on any of those workshops.Mr. Walker stated that he had not.Ms. Everlove stated that one of the workshops had been held at the Law Library.She believes that there has been at least one more and the Friendís contacted the Bar and asked what about the Law Library and the problem was that it was being offered on a Saturday and the courthouse and Law Library are closed.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Judge Conner stated that all he is suggesting is that the trainers at these seminars may be able to spread the word that the Law Library operates seminars on how to do legal research and perhaps we could have our brochures available to be handed out to anyone that might want the information.In addition if the dates are available for the seminars it would be nice to give this information out at the seminar

††††††††††††††††††††††† Mr. Walker reported that the Friendís are beginning to work on the annual law week reception.Judge Lewis very graciously sent his regrets to they are looking for a keynote speaker and they are looking to identify honorees.Mr. Walker stated to Commissioner Lewis that Doug Anderson came to his mind as someone who has labored well and faithfully and diligently over the years and certainly his efforts have contributed immeasurable to the health and welfare of our justice system here in St. Lucie County.Mr. Walker asked Commissioner Lewis if she has any sense or rapport against the idea of Doug Anderson being recognized at this coming law week reception.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Judge Conner asked that Mr. Walker refresh his memory as to what categories the awards are given for.Mr. Walker responded that it is a little fluid.There are no categories as such.Judge Conner said that he seemed to recall that it was three different awards that are given out.Mr. Walker stated that the amount of awards has varied over the years.Judge Conner asked if Mr. Walker is considering Mr. Anderson for a particular award or just generally.Mr. Walker responded just generally in the same sense that Sheriff Mascara was honored and Sergeant Barbara Smith was honored for their contributions to the justice system.Ms. Everlove added, and to the community at large as well.Mr. Walker stated that he is throwing out the concept before anything official gets decided on.†† Ms. Lewis commented that her only concern was that Mr. Anderson may not be available due to the possibility of his relocating after his retirement in January 2009.Mr. Walker stated that from what he could tell the County will be losing a very good public servant.†† Commissioner Lewis agreed with Mr. Walker.


V.††††††† Funding:

††††††††††† Commissioner Lewis commented that she wanted to make it firm that Trustee Walker has requested that she check with the Florida Association of Counties concerning a shift in the funding percentages for the Law Library.Further discussion was had on this matter.Judge Conner stated that the Law Library does need to be concerned with this matter due to the current and future economic conditions.He feels that the source may dwindle as well as a reduction in the Law Libraryís percentage of the funding.

(End of recording).




††††††††††† Dated: January ______, 2009


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††††††††††† Burton C. Conner, Chairman


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††††††††††† James T. Walker, Member


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††††††††††† Paula A Lewis, Member


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††††††††††† Jonathan Ferguson, Member


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††††††††††† Jim Wilder, Member