TRUSTEES IN ATTENDANCE:                   Hon. Burton C. Conner, Jim Wilder &

                                                                        Johnathan Ferguson, Esquire


OTHER IN ATTENDANCE:                          Nora J. Everlove, Librarian & Lynn T. Atkinson,



TRUSTEES ABSENT:                                   James T. Walker & Paula A.

                                                                        Lewis, Commissioner                       



I.         MINUTES:

            Mr. Wilder made a motion to approve the September 11, 2009 minutes and the October 2, 2009 minutes as presented.  Mr. Ferguson seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.



            Discussion was had concerning the August and September, 2009 Financial statements.  We are currently hanging right around the $20,000.00 per month mark for income.  Mr. Ferguson made a motion to approve the August and September, 2009 Financial Statements.  Mr. Wilder seconded the motion and it was unanimously carried. 



            Ms. Everlove reported that everything is not in yet, but reported on what is being moved.  After Thanksgiving we will be in the new facility and operational even if all of the books have not been moved.  All but one of the tables has been delivered, but the chairs are still missing.  The carrels are being moved and they will be cut and drilled for proper usage. 

            SmartBoard:  The County gave the Law Library a Smartboard and projector.  No cost has been associated with the SmartBoard.  It is not yet installed, but maintenance will be installing it.  Nothing has been moved to storage at 7th Street yet. 

            Computers:  No computers have been purchased as of yet.  Ms. Everlove stated that perhaps the $2,500.00 that was contributed by the SLC Bar Association could be approved to be used to purchase computers for the Law Library since the SmartBoard was provided by the County.  Mr. Wilder represented that he is sure if the SmartBoard that was provided by the County meets our requirements and expectations then $500.00 donated by the private sector toward the purchase of a Smartboard will be approved to purchase computers instead.  He will verify and report at the next meeting.  Mr. Ferguson stated that the PSL Bar Association authorized $500.00 toward the purchase of a SmartBoard.  He will check to see if the funds may now be used the purchase of computers.

            South County Annex:  Ms. Everlove reported that Charles Ray, Esquire reported complained that there is very little area to spread out to work at the South County annex.  Ms. Everlove explained that the reason for this is that the table in the second room was removed to comply with ADA standards.

            Mr. Ray suggested that the building is underutilized and that perhaps additional space could be requested for the Law Library.  Mr. Ferguson suggested that perhaps the removal of some of the old case law could be removed and a second terminal placed in the South County Annex to allow more space and use.  Ms. Everlove stated that she would visit the South County annex to ascertain the situation and report at the next meeting.  She will also speak to Mr. Shinn concerning this matter.  Mr. Ferguson reported that he would visit the South County Annex as well.  Judge Conner stated that the judiciary is space challenged as well so he doubts if there is additional space available, but it might be feasible to try to trade out space. 

            New Titles:  Ms. Everlove requested that she be able to purchase two new titles dealing with mortgage foreclosures (Florida foreclosures specifically).  The titles are approximately $120.00 each.   These are more for attorneys use, but Ms. Everlove feels that the layperson would be able to get use of them as well.  Mr. Wilder moved that $2500.00 be approved for the purchase of the new foreclosure titles.  Mr. Ferguson seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.

IV.       AED:

            Mr. Wilder requested that an AED be put in the new Law Library Space.  He strongly suggests that staff be given training in its use and get up to an emergency first response level and he would be happy to provide that training at cost.  This will meet OSHA and ILCOR standards.   The cost would be between $1,200.00 and $2,000.00.  Ms. Everlove will contact Mr. Shinn concerning this matter.  Mr. Wilder also volunteered to help write a grant for a portion of the cost of the AED if necessary.



            As there was no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.

DATE:  December ______, 2009