TRUSTEES IN ATTENDANCE:                  Jim Wilder, Johnathan Ferguson, Esq.,  James T.                                                                              Walker, Esq. and Paula A. Lewis, County                                                                                         Commissioner


OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:                      Nora J. Everlove, Librarian & Lynn T. Atkinson,





As Judge Conner was not present at the meeting Mr. Walker made a motion that Ms. Lewis Chair the meeting and it was carried unanimously. 

            I.          MINUTES:   

                        The September 3, 2010 Minutes were approved unanimously as amended to remove the language that identified Mr. Wilder as a County Commissioner.  The motion was by Mr. Walker, seconded by Mr. Ferguson.

            II.        ANNUAL FINANCIAL AUDIT FISCAL YEAR 2008/2009:

            Ms. Atkinson distributed the Annual Financial Audit Fiscal Year 2008/2009 as submitted by the accountants.  Ms. Atkinson reported that the audit was filed with the various agencies on time and that there were no problems reported by the accountants.  Mr. Walker moved acceptance of the Annual Financial Audit as presented.  Mr. Wilder seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

            III.       FINANCIAL STATEMENTS (July & August 2010):

            Mr. Wilder made a motion to approve the July & August 2010 Financial Statements as presented.  Mr. Walker seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.

            IV.       LIBRARIAN’S REPORTS:

            Ms. Everlove reported that we had a good month. 

            AED:  The AED is installed and the training is complete.  Ms. Everlove thanked Tom King and Jim Wilder.   Mr. Wilder stated that the library personnel has been trained in the use of CPR and the AED.  He further stated that he does not certify people unless he trusts them to care for him.  All of the personnel are thoroughly comptent.

            Attendance Statistics:   The pro se numbers are down a little bit.  Ms. Everlove does not feel any concern over this dip in numbers.

            Friends:  The Friends of the Law Library sponsored the SLC Bar Luncheon today and there was a fabulous attendance.   Ms. Everlove handed out Friends brochures and spoke about our ability to train legal assistant support staff on how to pull cases.  She also talked about the after-hours access. 

            Financials:  Ms. Everlove reported that we have money.  The last couple of months, July and August, we’ve spent $45,000.00 dollars on law books.  Ms. Everlove reported that she just handed Ms. Atkinson a stack of invoices with another $45,000.00 worth of replacements.

            Our revenues are about $100,000.00 more than our expenditures or say $60,000.00 more than our expenditures with this month’s bills.  Ms. Everlove stated that although the decision does not have to be made now we can maintain these sets which would roughly add $30,000.00 to next year’s expenses. 

            Mr. Walker sent an e-mail to Ms. Everlove a few days ago asking if we should reinstate everything at this time as our finances are looking so good.  Ms. Everlove stated that she is a little nervous about brining everything back, although she does feel that we should bring back quite a bit.  Her biggest concern is the national reporter system (Pacific, Atlantic, Northwest, Southeast, et al.).  Florida Cases and Federal Cases are still current but all of the other regions lapsed due to our previous financial crisis.  Cost is a concern but an even bigger concern is space.  This library space is built out at 2000 feet less than what was originally intended.  We have books, national reporters already in storage.  There have been no complaints as these are all online.  At this time Ms. Everlove would like to defer this part of the decision until she can get some hard numbers together. 

            Mr. Ferguson requested that Ms. Everlove put together a list of the books/subscriptions that have been reinstated.  These are secondary sources that would be expensive for attorneys to maintain in their offices.  She feels that we have enough funds to bring current some of our additional secondary sources, i.e. encyclopedias, ALRs, American Law Reports and some of our forms books.

            Mr. Ferguson inquired as to how often law libraries do an audit.   His thoughts were that perhaps we should have a capital fund where we weed out old treatises and add new ones.        He asked that when we are preparing for next year’s budget perhaps Ms. Everlove could look into this so we could plan ahead.  Mr. Walker stated that he likes this idea and asking the attorney’s for input and advised Ms. Everlove if she would prepare something for the attorneys then the Bar Association would be happy to disseminate it to the attorneys for the comments.  Mr. Wilder commented that he feels that this is basically a community needs assessment and feels it is very beneficial.  Mr. Wilder stated that he would be happy to bring this matter up at the next COSA  Meeting.  Ms. Everlove stated that she would be happy to attend a meeting with Mr. Wilder.

Mr. Walker made a motion that the ALRs  and the encyclopedias be reinstated while asking Ms. Everlove to investigate the form books and to present a suggestion to the trustees at the next meeting.  Mr. Ferguson seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.  Mr. Walker clarified to state that it included the study and further recommendations that Ms. Everlove is to make on the national reporters.

            V.        COMPUTERS:

                        Mr. Wilder brought up some computer concerns concerning antivirus matters and further discussion was had on this and other matters.  Ms. Everlove was directed to purchase an antivirus/antimalware program, either Norton’s or Bit Defender, based on cost as well as what Consumer Report says.  In addition she will purchase a storage device for major backups and she will institute, probably through Kronis (phonetic) Software, the ability to schedule backups nightly and then weekly.  A mirror of the system will be made.   The cost of the purchase is anticipated to be roughly $500.00.  If the cost is substantially more than $500.00 then Ms. Everlove will come back to the Trustees for further direction.  Mr. Walker made a motion to authorize the Librarian to proceed accordingly.  Mr. Wilder seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.

            VI:      PSL BAR MEETING:        

            Mr. Ferguson reported that the first PSL Bar Meeting was conducted after the summer hiatus and he mentioned the after-hours access to all that were present.  He stated that there was some interest and they appreciate the opportunity.  Ms. Everlove volunteered to give a pep talk at a PSL Bar Association luncheon.  Meetings are generally on the third Wednesday of the month.

                        As there was no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.


Approved:       November ______, 2010.