TRUSTEES IN ATTENDANCE:      Hon. Burton C. Conner, Chairman, James T. Walker, Esq.,

                                                            Jim Wilder and Paula A. Lewis, County Commissioner,

ABSENT:                                           James T. Walker, Trustee, Nora Everlove, Librarian

                                                            and Lynn T. Atkinson, Secretary,                                          



I.          MINUTES FOR AUGUST 14, 2009:

            Mr. Wilder moved for approval of the August 14, 2009 Minutes as presented.  Mr. Ferguson seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.


            Due to the absence of both the Librarian and the Secretary Mr. Wilder made a motion to table discussion of the August 2009 Financial Statements to the next meeting.  Mr. Ferguson seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.


            Judge Conner stated that Ms. Everlove sent out an e-mail advising that one of the shelving fabricators was involved in a very serious accident, so there is no update on the shelving.  Mr. Ferguson questioned the length of time it is taking the shelving contractor.   Judge Conner commented that he remembered that Ms. Everlove was going to try to tie the contractor to a date for completion.  Ms. Everlove’s last e-mail stated that she felt that the last of the books should be in by October 15, 2009 and hopefully all will be operational.

            Mr. Wilder questioned if there were any further problems concerning the shelving and the fire codes.  Judge Conner stated that it is his understanding that since the shelving has been modified that we are in compliance.  He will speak to Ms. Everlove to make sure.

            Storage Space:  Ms. Lewis stated that she spoke with Roger Shinn concerning the storage space needed for the books that will not fit in the new space.  He did not indicate and difficulties with being able to move into the new space. 

            Ms. Lewis explained that it is now the plan to store the books at 7th Street due to the fact that they are not able to accommodate the books at the Logistics Center.  They are running out of space.  Community Services will be at the 7th Street location for the next 5 to 10 years.  Mr. Shinn wants Ms. Everlove to come and look at the space which he feels will be much more accessible and better suited for the storage of the books.

            Discussion was had concerning a letter of request from the Trustees to the County for the use of a facility for the storage of the books.  It was decided that this will not be done until Ms. Everlove looks over the space at the 7th Street location.

            IV.       SMARTBOARD:

            Mr. Ferguson reported that the Port St. Lucie Bar Association does not meet over the summer.  The next meeting is next week and he will try to get a confirmation of a donation for the SmartBoard.  He is hoping by the next Law Library Meeting in September he will have something concrete to report.

            Ms. Lewis reported that she spoke to Dennis Wetzel, IT at the County.  He suggested that Lynn or whomever call IT Customer Service and tell them what we want.  Mattie Yuroma (phonetic) from IT may be contacting Lynn concerning the parameters.  We can work through them with the vendors.  Dennis is also going to call around to see if anyone has any spares that would meet the Library’s needs.

            As there was no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.

DATE:  September 11, 2009