September 1, 2006 11:00 a.m.

                                             Honorable Burton C. Conner, Chairman



Trustees  Attending:  Honorable Burton C. Conner, James T. Walker, Esquire and Jim Wilder

Trustees Absent:                   Commissioner Paula A. Lewis

Others Absentees:                 Nora Everlove, Librarian and Lynn T. Atkinson, Secretary       



I.          Previous Minutes:                

Mr. Walker moved approval of the August 4, 2006  minutes, Mr. Wilder seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.


II.        Financial Reports:

Judge Conner advised that Ms. Atkinson left a note informing him that there are no updated  financial reports for this meeting. 


III.       Designee from the Port St. Lucie Bar Association:

Judge Conner advised the Trustees that Ms. Atkinson had contacted the new president of the Port St. Lucie Bar Association concerning the designation of a new trustee.  Mr. Walker inquired as to if Ms. Atkinson was aware of the reason that no one had been designated yet.  Judge Conner advised that Ms. Atkinson had not given him that information, but that he would ask that she look into it.  Mr. Walker advised that it might be that the Association took a summer hiatus.


IV.       Additional Law Library Hours:

Judge Conner advised that he met with Chief Deputy Gary Wilson from the Sheriff’s Office and Doug Anderson, County Administrator to discuss additional security man hours for the Law Library.  The Sheriff kindly agreed to work two additional evenings a week into his manpower budget at no cost to the Law Library. 

Chief Deputy Wilson informed Judge Conner that when the Law Library moves to the new location it will be necessary to have cameras installed for easy monitoring.  They may even want to have this installed in the Law Library’s current location.  Mr. Walker inquired if Chief Deputy Wilson knew that the Law Library already has cameras installed.  Judge Conner commented that he doubted it as he was no aware that the cameras existed. 

Chief Deputy Wilson advised that the Sheriff is ready to start the additional hours on October 1, 2006, which is the beginning of their new budget year.  The Law Library’s proposal is Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

One the way to the above meeting, Judge Conner ran into Tom Genung, the new Court Administrator, who advised him that out of the Teen Court Fund they are going to approach the Sheriff’s Office to provide security because apparently they want to do some Teen Court operations  in the courthouse in the evenings.  So when Judge Conner mentioned to him the reason for his meeting with Chief Deputy Wilson and Doug Anderson, Mr. Genung suggested that if for some reason the Sheriff or the County Commission balked at this idea, then perhaps some sort of a deal could be worked out to coordinate these evenings so that this would work out for everyone. 


V.        Courthouse Space:

Judge Conner advised that no progress has been made on the discussion concerning courthouse space since the Law Library’s last meeting.  One of the reason’s being that the Chief Judge wants to wait until the current county commission elections are over, at least the primaries.  His intention is that once the election process is over with to begin pursuing this matter again.  Mr. Walker asked if there was any further information from Doug Anderson concerning funding availability.  Judge Conner replied that there had not and that the issue had not really been aggressively pursued at this time due to it being the end of the County’s fiscal year and election time.

Mr. Walker stated that he would like something a little bit more ambitious than just two nights per week, but is willing to take it one step at a time and pursue the current two night per week and see how that goes.  Additionally, he reported that he believes that the idea is to have everything in place in November, 2006.

Mr. Wilder stated that the above is wonderful.  However, he suggested that the Law Library needs to consider getting the word out to the public concerning the extended hours in a number of different ways. 

Judge Conner stated that if the seminars are to begin in November, then by the 1st of April if the Law Library is going to want to expand hours beyond two nights per week, we need to start making overtures with the Sheriff’s Office so that if they need to put in their budget, they can do that. Further discussion was had concerning this matter and the usage of the Law Library “after hours.”  Mr. Walker asked at what point in time should the Trustees be planning to look at a decision to extend the hours.  He commented that he was thinking that for this coming budget year from October of 2006 to October of 2007 to have the Tuesday and Thursday hours and then for October of 2007  to October of 2008 to have a much more expanded schedule if appropriate.  Mr. Walker stated that he would be happy to move that time line up if that was what Judge Conner was thinking.  Judge Conner responded, no.  He agrees with budget-year to budget-year.  However, his understanding is that changes can happen with budget amendments, but it’s just better if from the  get-go when they submit, they say, we’re requesting funds for such-n-such.   Judge Conner is just saying that if by the 1st of April the Trustees can let the Sheriff know what additional hours are being requested so that he can budget appropriately.

Mr. Walker stated that to make an effective presentation at that time the Trustees will want to be armed with statistics that demonstrate the necessity for that and the public demand, which then ties back with Mr. Wilder’s theory of a series of Public Service Announcements.  Mr. Walker suggested that perhaps a motion be made to request the Librarian to prepare a series of public service announcements and to give her a budget to do so.  Judge Conner suggested that this be put on the agenda for the next meeting .  Mr. Wilder volunteered to pursue this matter further with the media and perhaps one of the Trustees could be interviewed on the Community Calendar to get the word out concerning the Law Library.  Further discussion was had as to the venues for advertisement such as newspaper, county website link, flyers, etc.

For the purposes of the minutes Mr. Walker expressed his considerable pleasure and appreciation at Mr. Wilder’s willingness to serve as an ambassador of the Law Library to the community.   Judge Conner stated that not only is Mr. Wilder picking up the ball, but he is running with it as well and expressed his appreciation as well.


VI.       Friends of the Law Library:  

Judge Conner apologized for missing the last Friends’ Meeting as he was in a jury trial.  Mr. Walker informed all that it was a good meeting.


VII.     Basic Legal Research:

Mr. Walker stated that the librarian, Epie showed him some very good pro se oriented manuals, basic legal research, in paperback.  He expressed that he would like to see the Law Library acquire a number of these volumes for so that people can consult them when wanting to know how to go about doing legal research.  Mr. Walker stepped out of the room to get one of the manuals to show to the Trustees.  It then became clear that these were Epie’s personal manuals that she purchased to aid her in her job.  Judge Conner commented that they did appear to be very user friendly.


As no further discussion was to be had, the meeting was adjourned.


Dated:  October 6, 2006



Burton C. Conner, Chairman   



James T. Walker, Trustee




Paula A. Lewis, Trustee




Jim Wilder, Trustee