TRUSTEES IN ATTENDANCE:      Hon. Burton C. Conner, Chairman, James T. Walker, Esq.                                                                and Paula A.  Lewis, County Commissioner

TRUSTEES ABSENT:                       Johnathan Ferguson, Esq. and Jim Wilder


OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:          Nora Everlove, Librarian, Lynn T. Atkinson, Secretary,                                                                   



I.          MINUTES FOR JUNE 11, 2009 and JUNE 24, 2009 INTERIM MEETING:

            Mr. Walker made a motion to approve the minutes as presented.  Ms. Lewis seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously. 


            Mr. Walker made a motion to approve the June and July 2009 financial statements as presented.  Ms. Lewis seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.  Ms. Atkinson advised the Trustees that she seemed to remember that the May 2009 financial statements were presented at the June 2009 Interim Meeting and that the Trustees reserved approval until this meeting due to the fact that the interim meeting was just to address immediate budget and shelving issues. 


            Ms. Atkinson presented the flood insurance renewal to the Trustees and it was discussed.  Mr. Walker made a motion to approve payment of the flood insurance renewal premium as presented.  Ms. Lewis seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.

IV.       BUDGET:

            Ms. Everlove presented copies of the previous two years’ budgets along with the proposed budget for the new fiscal year.  Discussion was had concerning the budgets and budget proposal.  Ms. Everlove reported that as of July 31, 2009 we had $194,000.00 in revenues.  She is estimating that if we prorate that through the end of the fiscal year we will have total revenues of about $260,000.00.  She is estimating about $240,000.00 for next year.  Our expenditures have been $252,000.00.  The estimated encumbrances for year end is $419,000.00.



before year end.  The estimated incurred expenses for next year will be approximately $213,000.00.   

            Shelving Issues:          It is difficult to tell what the actual expense will be for the shelving, because of the return of the shelving will be returned due to the errors in measurements.  Now it has been discovered that the 36 inch shelves from the old library do not fit our new 36 inch bookcases.  Discussion was had concerning this problem.  Judge Conner expressed concern about the additional costs that we are incurring for errors made by Mr. LaRocca.   Ms. Everlove reported that she is going to get a detailed report from Mr. LaRocca concerning this matter before any additional payment is made. 

            Even with the disruption and additional work the shelving problems are causing Ms. Everlove reassured the Trustees that the Law Library is still functioning.  We have electronics and the core collection is till where it has already been.  The next step is to segregate the books that will go into storage.  That will be done next week.  Then Ms. Everlove will actually have to move some of the books that are already up because of the height of the shelves.  Everything has to be changed to utilize the shelving that we will end up with.

            Licensing Agreement with West Law:           Ms. Everlove has signed the licensing agreement with West Law after going over it thoroughly.    She feels that we now have a very good contract with WestLaw and cannot see us spending over about $ 120,000.00 on books next year.  We have already spent $135,000.00 so far this year.   WestLaw gave us the lower price on the two terminals.  We will be using FastCase at the St. Lucie West Branch.    

             Annual Library Conference:   The annual conference will be held in October, probably in Palm Beach.  The Trustees approved $150.00 in travel for this conference.  Mr. Walker made a motion to amend the proposed budget to add $150.00 in travel for this conference.  Ms. Lewis seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.



            Trustee Assistance:  Judge Conner asked how the use of the Sheriff’s Trustees was coming along.  Ms. Everlove reported it has been good, but she hasn’t called them to come back since she wants to wait until the shelving is in place before she requests them again.




            Book Storage at the Logistics Center:           Ms. Everlove reported that 60 to 70 percent of the books are in the new space.  At this point nothing has really been done concerning the moving and reassembly of the old shelving that cannot be utilized in the new space to the logistics center.  Mr. Walker commented on the historical value of the old books. 

            Ms. Everlove reported that Mr. LaRocca has stated that he will have the shelving installed by the 24th of August.   Ms. Everlove leaves for a trip of September 7th.  Judge Conner told Ms. Everlove to advise Mr. LaRocca that we have to vacate the current space.  We need a commitment date for the shelving completion.

            SmartBoard:   Mr. Walker asked if we had any report on the Port St. Lucie Bar Associations contribution toward the purchase of the Smartboard.   We do not have a report and Ms. Everlove agreed to contact Mr. Ferguson for this information.  Ms. Lewis was to look into seeing the there was a way to purchase a SmartBoard through the County at a discounted price.

            Computer Carrels:     Mr. Walker inquired as to the purchase of computers for the computer carrels.  Ms. Everlove advised that the computers are old.  She stated that we could get by with one computer in the office and two at the carrels.  Discussion was had on this matter.  Mr. Walker made a motion to amend the proposed budget to include the expenditure of up to $3,000.00 for the purchase of two new computers.   Ms. Lewis seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.

            Signage:          Discussion was had concerning signs to show the public where the new facility will be.  Ms. Everlove and Ms. Lewis both volunteered to contact Roger Shinn concerning this matter, particularly on the other side of the building showing that the Law Library has moved to the new location.

            Thank you card:         Ms. Atkinson presented a proposed thank you card to send out for contributions made to the Law Library in memory of Judge Rupert J. Smith.


            Mr. Walker reported that there was a very nice article in the Hometown News.  There has been some discussion on having a presence at the Friday Fest in November.  Perhaps research classes could begin again in about three months.  Mr. Walker inquired as to a celebration of the opening of the new Law Library.  He stated that he would be happy to take the initiative on any such project.  Judge Conner suggested that we might want to consider postponing it until the


holiday season.  Perhaps we could have an open house on the Friday Fest evening and capitalize on the Downtown traffic either in November or December.  Ms. Everlove suggested putting up the tent outside the Law Library with an outreach to the citizens.  Everyone agreed that this is a good idea. 


DATE:  August 14, 2009