Meeting Minutes

                                        August 1, 2008 at 1:30 p.m.

                                              Honorable Burton C. Conner, Chairman


Trustees Attending:              Honorable Burton C. Conner, James T. Walker, Esq., Paula A. Lewis, County Commissioner


Absentees:                              Jim Wilder and Sharifa Jarrett, Esq.


Others Attending:                 Nora J. Everlove, Librarian and Lynn T. Atkinson, Secretary




I.          Previous Minutes:

            Mr. Walker made a motion to approve the minutes as presented, Ms. Lewis seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.


II.        Financial Reports:

            Discussion was had concerning the June 2008 Financial Reports.  Judge Conner commented that it appeared that June is a good month.  Ms. Everlove reported that yes it is a respectable month, but that next month should be reflecting more expenditures.  She reported that the revenues so far this year are $185,000.00 and our expenses are $223,000.00.  She explained that part of the $223,000.00 was the $35,000.00 that was returned to the Court funds as required by Statute.  This would put our expenditures at about $210,000.00.  Judge Conner commented that part of the expenditures would be the $20,000.00 already expended on shelving for the new building.  So our revenues and expenditures are running about the same so far.

            Mr. Walker stated that in attempting to get a little bit of perspective on these numbers he looked back at the cash balances for March 2008 and it was $209,000.00, so we are ahead of the game for a little while anyway.

            Ms. Lewis moved to approve the June 2008 Financial Reports as presented, Mr. Walker seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.

III.       Security Issues for New Building:

            Judge Conner reported that he had spoken with Lieutenant Doug Hardie, Court Security concerning any changes in the court security for the new building.  Lieutenant Hardie replied that he did not know of any changes.  Jude Conner spoke to Lieutenant Hardie again earlier this week and Lieutenant Hardie reported that he had reviewed the plans at the on-site construction trailer and did not see any changes.  There will be public access from Indian River Drive, although he is not sure what the security will be.  Lieutenant Hardie will check further and advise of any changes.  Judge Conner suggested that Ms. Everlove may want to speak with Lieutenant Hardie concerning this matter.


IV.       St. Lucie West Law Library Annex:

            Ms. Atkinson reported as per her e-mails to everyone that the issue concerning the locked door at the St. Lucie West Annex of the Law Library is no longer an issue.  Judge Walsh has no issue with the door being open and accessible to the public during business hours.   Ms. Atkinson contacted Court Security, Ed Fry, Clerk of Court and Court Administration to advise that the Law Library is open during business hours and to please pass this information along to everyone at the St. Lucie West Courthouse.

            Ms. Everlove spoke to Roger Shinn about the door lock and Mr. Shinn reported that he thought the lock has already been removed from the door.


V.        Renovation Progress:

            Mr. Walker inquired as to the progress of the renovations of the old courthouse building.  Ms. Everlove reported that Mr. Drittenbaus had advised her that the renovations will be completed the second week of November.  He advised of this within the last ten days. 

            Judge Conner stated that he had heard that the move was to take place the first of January 2009, but he will check further.  Ms. Everlove stated that if we have a choice she thinks we should move the week between Christmas and New Years.  Judge Conner advised that he will communicated with Roger Shin concerning this, bearing in mind that the move will have to be coordinated with the Sheriff’s Office so that we can utilize the trustees.

            Ms. Everlove reported that she was over in the new space this morning and it is coming along.  She stated that there are a couple of problems, but there always are.  There are a couple of concrete columns that were not taken into consideration and we will lose shelf space because of them.  The whole thing will have to be set back about a foot and a half so we will lose ten feet per bookcase and we have at least 10 book cases along that one corridor.  The shelving man was in there two days ago to measure.  Ms. Everlove reported that she had not gotten a report back from him at this point.  Further discussion was had concerning the configuration of the shelves however there is nothing definite at this point. 

            Ms. Everlove reported that all of the necessary electrical wiring is in place.  She informed everyone that the network is wireless, so no additional wiring for a networking is necessary.  Judge Conner asked that Ms. Everlove check to make sure that even though the Law Library may not need to wiring at this point it may be something the County would like to have installed during the construction process for possible future use.


VI.       State Law Library Conference:

            Mr. Walker stated that it has come to his attention that the State Law Library Conference may take place in Apalachicola instead of Miami.  He made a motion to increase budgetary action previously approved to allow for the attendance of Ms. Jarrett at the conference.  Ms. Lewis seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously. 


VII.     Usage:  

            Ms. Everlove reported that the statistics for usage for the last seven months.  In January through July of 2008 we had 2150 people compared to about 1600 for January through July of 2007.   This represents more than a one third increase.   Our outreach programs are working.  Mr. Wilder asked Ms. Everlove to report that in a couple of weeks he and Ms. Everlove are giving an informative talk at Seasons.  This was booked off of the COSA talk that Ms. Everlove and Mr. Wilder gave last month.  Ms. Everlove reported that the presentation at the COSA meeting went well, although she was told that she talked too long.


VIII.    Flood Insurance:

            Ms. Atkinson reported that the amount of $1,884.00 will be paid for Flood Insurance as approved at last month’s meeting.  Ms. Everlove checked with the insurance company and the policy does cover the electrical/computer.  Both quotes cover the electrical, but it seems prudent to opt for the higher coverage.

            Ms. Lewis asked if the move will affect the coverage.  Ms. Everlove stated that she will address that with the insurance agent.


                        As no further discussion was to be had, the meeting was adjourned.


            Dated:  September ______, 2008



            Burton C. Conner, Chairman



            James T. Walker, Trustee



            Jim Wilder, Member, Trustee



            Paula A. Lewis, Trustee




            Sharifa Jarrett, Trustee