Honorable Burton C. Conner, Chairman

                                                Minutes – April 3, 2009 at 3:30 p.m.


Trustees  Attending:             James T. Walker, Esquire and Paula A. Lewis, County Commissioner, Johnathan Ferguson, Esquire and Jim Wilder, Circuit Judge/Chairman (Commissioner Lewis joined the meeting late)


Others Attending:                 Nora J. Everlove, Librarian and Lynn T. Atkinson, Secretary


Absent:                                   Honorable Burton C. Conner




            It was unanimously decided that Mr. Walker would chair the meeting in Judge Conner’s absence.


I.          Previous Minutes:

            Mr. Wilder asked that a change to line number 97 of the minutes as presented be made sp that it reads “Mr. Wilder instead of “Mr. Walker.”  The minutes were then approved unanimously.               


II.        Financial Reports:

            No financial reports were available for this meeting.


III.       Librarian’s Report:

            Ms. Everlove reported that the Law Library Staff is preparing for the move.  She feels that it will be June before we are into our new space. 


                        Attendance Report:  Statistics are flat compared to last year.  However the numbers of pro se patrons in the first quarter of this year are up in comparison to the number of attorneys.

            (Commissioner Lewis arrived at this time).  It now appears that usage is now 60 percent pro se and 50 percent attorneys. 


                        Power Supply for SmartBoard:  The architect advised that the wiring is in the floor and gave Ms. Everlove the name of the individual to contact if it needs to be changed, she will follow up on this.


                        Art for the Shelving End Panels:  Ms. Everlove presented a composite drawing of Lady Justice for the end panels.  Suggestions were made to modify the drawing and Ms. Everlove is to get with the artist to make suggested changes if possible.  The drawing is difficult due to the column-like proportions of the end panels.  It will not be carved so much as cut and stained.  The artist quoted $200.00 for his work as long as he does not have to provide a stencil.  Ms. Everlove will e-mail a copy of the next draft of the drawing to everyone.


                        Law Week Reception:  Drawings have already been submitted for the art contest.  The drawings are catalogued and certificates are given to each child that enters.  Although it is fairly labor intensive it is important that the children be given their certificates at the reception.  Mr. Wilder inquired if the Backus Gallery was contacted to provide judges for the art contest.  Mr. Walker reported that since there is not going to be submissions by college level art students that Ms. Cunzo feels that she is capable of judging the art (posters).  Mr. Walker will follow-up with Ms. Cunzo to check with her to see if she followed through with the Backus Gallery either way.


            Mr. Walker reported that the reception set for May 7, 2009 at 5:30 p.m. is coming along very well.  Michael Lannon, St. Lucie County School Superintendent will speak and present the awards to the winners of the art contest. 


            Bo Powell, former City Manager and Police Chief will be an honoree.  The award will be presented by William Dannahower, former Mayor.  The second Honoree will be Judge Phillip Nourse.  The award will be presented by his son-in-law, Frank H. “Speedy” Fee, III.    


            Judge Conner will be requested to make the presentation for Judge Martinez who is coming up from Miami to be the keynote speaker.  A thank you gift will be presented to Judge Martinez.  It is a First Edition of Benjamin Cardozo’s, The Nature of the Judicial Process.


                        The Move:

                         Computer Terminals:  Mr. Wilder asked Ms. Everlove to check to see if it is possible to have a computer terminal up and running at the old location and the new location during the move.  Ms. Everlove is to contact Westlaw to make sure this will not be a problem.  The Law Library computers/terminals are set up and handled by the Law Library Staff, but Ms. Everlove will contact County IT to make sure that all necessary wiring is there and that everything is ready to go.


                        Dollies:  Ms. Everlove will get with Mr. Shinn concerning the use of dollies for the move.


                        Traffic Fines:  Mr. Walker inquired about traffic fine collections.  Ms. Everlove reported that she checked with the Clerk and the Clerk’s Office is seeing the same trends.  If the decline continues then we will need to discuss our reserves.  After reviewing the next financial reports Ms. Everlove will make suggestions and comments at the next meeting.  Mr. Walker suggested checking with the State Association of Court Clerks to see if they have any insight into this matter and to see if it is a statewide trend.


                        SmartBoard:   Mr. Wilder reported that a basic setup for a SmartBoard would be about $2,500.00 (72 inch) with the initial program for the SmartBoard.  He feels that for what we’re looking at a very nice setup would cost $2,500.00 to $5,000.00.  Ms. Atkinson suggested that it might be helpful for Ms. Everlove to contact Steve Shaw, Court Technology Officer (772) 807-4395 for input.  Discussion was had concerning the different uses.  Mr. Walker stated that he had heard that the County had acquired a lot of SmartBoards.  He thought that perhaps we could either approach the County about donating one to the Law Library or that the Law Library could purchase one at a discounted price.  Mr. Ferguson suggested that another alternative would be to piggy back on the County’s bid.  Ms. Lewis volunteered to check with the County concerning the SmartBoards.


            Mr. Walker stated that since there seemed to be some reticence on the part of certain Trustees to expend the funds for this purchase, he and Mr. Ferguson could possibly approach the Port St. Lucie Bar Association and the St. Lucie County Bar Association and the Friend’s of the Law Library to attract the grants/donations to fund the purchase of the SmartBoard.  He suggested that the Trustees should be prepared to authorize whatever needs to be done with the understanding that the cost would be reimbursed through the funding grants as stated above.  Mr. Ferguson stated that he will be happy to bring it up at the next Port St. Lucie Bar Association Meeting.  Mr. Wilder stated that he would be willing to go to the pro se community for donations.  He feels that he scrap up between $200.00 to $500.00 worth of donations in this manner.  It was discussed that a plaque containing the names of the donors be hung near the SmartBoard.


            Mr. Ferguson made a motion to pursue identifying the appropriate SmartBoard for a price not to exceed $5,000.00 to be paid for in substantial part from donations for the legal and non-legal communities.  Mr. Wilder seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.


            IV.       COSA:

            Mr. Wilder reported that the Law Library received an Honorable Mention for Community Reinvestment Organization of the Year.  Mr. Wilder will bring in the certificate to be hung in the new space.


            V.        Friends of the Rupert J. Smith Law Library:

            Mr. Walker reported that there is a research course in June that is pulling together very nicely.  We are now approved for certification credit by two paralegal organizations.



            As no further discussion was to be had, the meeting was adjourned.



            Dated: May 1, 2009



            Burton C. Conner, Chairman 



            James T. Walker, Member



            Paula A Lewis, Member



            Johnathan Ferguson, Member



            Jim Wilder, Member