Meeting Minutes

                                                                 February 2, 2007

                                                Honorable Burton C. Conner, Chairman


Trustees  Attending:  Honorable Burton C. Conner, and James T. Walker, Esquire, Jim Wilder and Paula A. Lewis, County Commissioner

Trustees Absent:                   Anthony P. Guettler, Esquire

Others Attending:                  Nora J. Everlove, Librarian and Lynn T. Atkinson, Secretary



I.          Previous Minutes:    

            Judge Conner asked for any corrections to the previously distributed minutes.  Mr. Wilder advised that there was one correction.  The correction was made to the minutes and Mr. Walker moved to approve as amended.  Mr. Wilder seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.


II.        Financial Reports:

            Financial reports were provided by Nancy Palka of St. Lucie County Finance to all via e-mail.  The reports come in the form of an Excel Spreadsheet.  The financial reports were discussed and reviewed by all.  Mr. Walker would like to continue to receive the operating report with the financial reports.  Mr. Walker moved approval of the financial reports, Ms. Lewis seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.


            IV.       Law Day:

            Ms. Everlove advised that the Friends of the Law Library and the local bar association are sponsoring the Law Day poster contest again this year.  Mr. Everlove handed out flyers that have gone out concerning the contest.  The Friends are distributing the flyers into the schools.  Ms. Atkinson suggested that due to the fact that last year the event was so well attended that there was not sufficient space in the law library to hold everyone, perhaps it would be better to have the event in the jury room.  Ms. Everlove stated that this had been discussed at the last Friends Meeting and that it was suggested that the presentations be made in the jury room and the food set up in the law library.  This event will take place on May 3, 2007.  Commissioner Lewis has graciously consented to introduce Joe Negron.  Mr. Walker asked if Judge Conner would agree to introduce the Chief Judge for the Fourth DCA if he is available or another judge from that court.  Judge Conner agreed to do so.

            V.        Additional Hours:

            Ms. Everlove stated that the law library is now open late two nights per week.  She said that there has been at least one person every night after hours and others are staying late.  Mr. Walker stated that it will pick up once people become aware of the new hours.  There was a press release in the paper to advise of the new hours.  Ms. Everlove stated that there needs to be a bigger sign outside the law library to announce the extended hours.

            VI.       CLE:

            Ms. Everlove stated that the second CLE meeting will be next Friday, a video reply and the Friday after that will be the third one.  Mr. Walker asked if there was an announcement handy that could be used to stuff the courthouse attorney’s boxes.  Ms. Everlove stated that Eppy has already done this.  Mr. Walker announced it at the bar meeting.  Judge Conner asked what the attendance was like at the video replay.  M                          s. Everlove stated that there are four registrations for the next CLE meeting, but that means nothing as there were three registrations the last time and fifteen people showed up for the class.  Mr. Walker asked if the bar has remitted the $10.00 per attendee.  Ms. Everlove stated that she wasn’t sure, but would look into it.  Ms. Everlove stated that it really is worth the bother and that the jury clerks are very nice and they flip the tapes. 

            Judge Conner asked if it would be appropriate to do a little thank you gift to the jury clerks for their help.   The general consensus was that the Friends of the law library present a little thank you gift to the jury clerks.

            VII:     Phone Directory:

            Mr. Walker stated that he tried to look up the listing for the law library in the phone book and could not find a listing for the law library.    Ms. Everlove thought it was listed, but she will check.  It was discussed that the listing was in the governmental blue pages.  Further discussion was had on this subject and it was decided that Ms. Everlove would look into this matter.

            VIII.    Judges Portrait/Photo:

            Discussion was had to get a photographer lined up for the portrait since it did not take place at the last Judges Meeting.  It was decided that the March 2 judges meeting would be a good time and date to try to set up the photo.  Mr. Walker will take care of getting a photographer.

            IX.       COSA General Meeting Presentation:

            Mr. Wilder informed the Trustees that the law library will be doing a presentation for the law library at the COSA general meeting.  The meeting will take place in May at 9:00 a.m.  Mr. Wilder will give an exact date when available.  Mr. Wilder payed for an organizational membership for the law library, this way the law library will receive e-mails of the minutes and so forth.  The Trustees asked if Mr. Wilder wanted to be reimbursed for the membership fee.  Mr. Wilder declined reimbursement.

            X.        Paul Drittenbas, Architect:

            Mr. Drittenbas joined the meeting and presented an overlay to the plans.  He advised that his calculations showed four thousand five hundred and three linear feet.  The proposed calculation is six thousand one hundred and ten linear feet for a net increase of about thirty-three per cent, this is about fifteen hundred  additional linear feet, about one third more than what the law library has now. 

            Security issues were discussed.   The doorway into the stairwell was discussed and it was decided that it should be closed off so that the public will not have access to the secure area.   Without this door anyone that is inside the courthouse will have to access the building and reenter the law library.   Judge Conner discussed a panic button for the law library personnel and to tie the video cameras into the court security camera system.  Discussion was also had concerning the installation of an electronic latch for the law library, especially for night time access. 

            Mr. Walker brought up the matter of the smart wall and asked how soon Mr. Drittenbas would need this information from the Trustees.  Mr. Drittenbas stated that he had signed an agreement today with the security data communications contractor, the engineer.  The engineer will meet with the librarian and the trustees independently in a separate meeting and do this smart room.  The engineer’s name is Richard Creavalle.  He is an electrical engineer with OCI.  This is the same company that is doing the whole complex.  His specialty is security, data and communications.  Mr. Drittenbas further stated that Keith Hartsfield and Steve Shaw were met with as well.    They will need to know what the Trustees needs are and what the budget is.    He stated that there is plenty of time. 

            Judge Conner brought up the matter of the Lundia shelving and this was discussed.  Ms. Everlove and Mr. Drittenbas are on the same page and they both were intending to contact the Lundia representative to show him the plans and get his input.  Ms. Everlove will report back on the costs and plans.

            Mr. Drittenbas advised that in his opinion of cost to the county, he has to excavate the wall  because he doesn’t know the condition of the waterproofing membrane against the outside.  If books are to be put against the wall, it needs to be excavated and the integrity of the wall needs to be improved as to a water vapor barrier.

            Judge Conner inquired as to whether or not the floor was sufficient to hold the weight of the books and shelves.  Mr. Drittenbas replied that  the floor is all slab on grade, a six inch slab at the old basement level and is sufficient to hold the weight.

            Mr. Wilder inquired as to the fire protection system.  Mr. Drittenbas stated that building will have regular standard fire sprinklers, semi-recessed heads.  Discussion was had concerning a clean agent fire suppression system such as Energen which is similar to an odorless gas.   Several areas of the new clerk’s building will have the clean agent fire system, including archival storage, evidence vaults, records and the computer technology center.  After some discussion it was decided that it is cost prohibitive for the law library to have the clean agent fire suppression system.   It was discussed that the oldest Statutes and Laws of Florida can perhaps be stored in the clerk’s vault as they are infrequently used.  The decision of having the books stored outside the law library was tabled until a later date.  

            Ms. Everlove is going to meet with Mr. Dittenbas outside this meeting to discuss smaller issues.  Mr. Walker requested a copy of the plan and Mr. Drittenbas provided the Trustees with a copy of the plan which is one eighth scale.

            As no further discussion was to be had, the meeting was adjourned.


            Dated: March ______, 2007




            Burton C. Conner, Chairman



            James T. Walker, Member



            Jim Wilder, Member



            Paula A. Lewis



            Anthony P. Guettler, Member