TRUSTEES IN ATTENDANCE:                   Hon. Burton C. Conner, Jim Wilder &

                                                                        Johnathan Ferguson, Esquire James T. Walker &                                                                                 Paula A. Lewis, Commissioner


OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:                       Nora J. Everlove, Librarian & Lynn T. Atkinson,






            Mr. Wilder had a concern, section IV, line 60 – 63, clarification made to indicate that the cost if for the AED and not for the training.  Mr. Walker also commented that the $2,500.00 that was approved for the purchase of two new foreclosure training manuals should actually be $250.00, $150.00 for each manual.   Mr. Ferguson made a motion to approve with the amendments.  Mr. Wilder seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.             


            Discussion was had concerning the financial statements.  Mr. Wilder made a motion to approve October and November, 2009 Financials and Mr. Ferguson second the motion and it was carried unanimously.  Approval of the December 2009 Financials was reserved until the next meeting.  Ms. Everlove explained that there are questions that she had concerning these statements and that she needs to get with Nancy Palka in Finance to give an accurate picture at the next meeting.   It was decided to leave things as they are concerning the October and November, 2009 statements with a note for the next meeting to review these statements to see if they need to be revisited.

            Ms. Everlove reported that she feels that the expenditures are not accurate either.  She feels that she had not submitted the West bill for November and December 2009 yet.  She thinks that the bills may have been lost in the move.  She is contacting West to get copies of these bills and they will be at least $15,000.00.  We are contractually obligated to spend $6,000.00 per month with West.  Mr. Wilder inquired about checking this matter online.  Ms. Everlove reported that there is a way, but our e-mail address is incorrect with West.  She is attempting to change the address to the correct one.   The bill is not sent via e-mail, but by mail.  We are able to request a copy via e-mail.  The Law Library’s current e-mail address is  Judge Conner suggested that we get the e-mail address updated as soon as possible and that we need to make sure on a monthly basis get the bill online.



            The new bill for International Marketing was presented to the Trustees by Ms. Everlove and she explained the charges and her concerns to the Trustees. 


                        Page 1:                        $500.00 for day labor for after hour delivery.

                        Page 2:                        End panels the contractor states that were not included in the original bid that the librarian says that she thought were included.

            The small conference room table is not the size that the librarian had thought it would be.   Ms. Everlove thought it would be a 54 inch table, but we received a 36 inch table.   The written document does not specify the size of the table, although the drawing to scale seems to indicate the size necessary.  Mr. Walker showed the Trustees a copy of the drawing for reference and scale. The contractor says that we need five feet all the way around the table; Ms. Everlove disagrees.  Sending the existing table back would of course require shipping and a 25% re-stocking fee.

            Discussion was had concerning the bill.  We were not paying time and materials.  It was a fixed bid based on the drawings.  Basically there was less in materials than originally planned, but the contractor still wound up having to order more because he was still missing certain size shelves that he could not bring from the other location and that number fell short.  The final decision was to hold back a certain portion of the bill.

            Mr. Walker made a motion that there be authorization to pay the first page of the invoice from International Group subject to satisfactory clarification of the $500.00 unloading labor charge as provided to the librarian, but to be subtracted from such payment those monies shown on page two of the invoice and those monies to be withheld until the end panels are installed and a satisfactory table is provided.  Mr. Ferguson seconded the motion with a clarification, by his calculation we will be paying $76,925.75, less $6,467.50.  Mr. Walker accepted the second with this clarification and it was carried unanimously.  Further discussion was had and the Trustees all agree that they are comfortable with the fact that this may be where the contract ends.  The motion stands.


            Ms. Everlove announced that we have a SmartBoard provided by the County.  We are missing a few small pieces, nut even if we have to gout and replace them it will only cost $199.00 to replace the missing items.  The SmartBoard is hooked up and they library staff is working with it.  

            Ms. Everlove presented figures regarding the purchase of new computers and software in hopes that the funds previously donated for the SmartBoard will be approved for such a purchase.  The donated funds would buy four new computers and all of the software to go with it as well as a couple of new phones.   Discussion was had concerning these purchases.  Mr. Wilder suggested that he might perhaps be able to offer some additional input as to the purchase of better hardware at about the same prices as what Ms. Everlove presented.  If not time sensitive he would like the opportunity to look into this further. 

 Ms. Everlove stated that she is asking at this time for permission from the Trustees to ask the St. Lucie Bar Association for authorization to reallocate their donation for this purpose.  Mr. Wilder stated that the private sector’s donation is approved for this purpose.  Mr. Ferguson stated that he will have to have a firm proposal to present to the Port St. Lucie Bar Association.  Originally he had gotten a commitment from the Port St. Lucie Bar Association for a donation, but since the County might donate the SmartBoard he did not secure the donation as of yet.  Mr. Walker stated that he has asked Ms. Everlove to prepare a proposal to go back to the St. Lucie Bar Association to ask permission to reallocate their donation for the computer and phone purchases.  Judge Conner asked Ms. Everlove to submit the proposals to him and he, as Chair will draft a letter to both Bar Associations.

The Trustees asked Ms. Lewis to pass along a thank you for the SmartBoard and to ask if a letter of appreciation to the personnel file of the individual that helped procure the SmartBoard for the Law Library would be appropriate.      

            Librarian’s December 3, 2009 Punchlist:

                        Phone Lines:

                        Mr. Walker inquired about the phone lines in the library workrooms.  Ms. Everlove reported that there is a phone box, but there are no lines to the box as of yet.   There are jacks, but no lines in the conference rooms.  Ms. Everlove reported that she is actively trying to fix this matter.


                        Ms. Everlove reported that the older books have been moved to storage and we were able to use some of the old bookcases for this space.  There is ample room for the books.

                        DSL Line:

                        Ms. Everlove reported that the DSL line is in place.

                        Swipe Cards:

                        Mr. Walker reported that he and Ms. Everlove have a lunch meeting scheduled with Sheriff Mascara to discuss security issues with respect to after- hours access by attorneys. Ms. Everlove stated that on her punch list where she referred to “swipe cards” she was actually referring to the fact that she and the library staff did not yet have access to the building.  That has not been remedied.           


                        Ms. Everlove happily reported that the problem with having the library bathrooms cleaned has been taken care of.  They are now being cleaned and stocked with supplies.

                        Dedicated Parking Spaces for Staff:

                        Ms. Everlove reported that she tried to obtain parking spaces, but since spaces are at such a premium this is not likely to happen.  Unfortunately it is a concern to her female employees that they have to leave after dark with no security.  Ms. Everlove stated that it is her issue and she will deal with it.

                        Mail Delivery:

                        Ms. Everlove reported that it took a couple of weeks but the mail is now being delivered to the Law Library.  The problem was that all boxes coming into the building has to be ex-rayed.

IV.       AED:

            Mr. Wilder reported that he had done research on AEDs and they run between $1400.00 and $1800.00.  He has done extensive research and he can write scholarships if we can’t get somebody to put this together.  The emergency first response training per person will be at cost and it will be either $30.00 or $50.00 depending on what extra materials he brings to the table for the students. 

            Mr. Walker made a motion that Mr. Wilder be authorized to investigate scholarship possibilities for the cost of the equipment and training and then with the matter to be further entertained thereafter.  Mr. Ferguson seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.

            Mr. Wilder stated that he would be happy for anyone that wants to attend the training to do so.  The training for the Law Library staff would come out of the Law Library budget and anyone else would have to pay the fee for their training.  Judge Conner suggested that perhaps county personnel may want to attend the training as well.  Mr. Wilder stated that the training will meet OSHA and ILCOR standards.

            Mr. Walker stated that he has several concerns but he feels that it is premature to voice these until we see what scholarship support may be available.  Mr. Wilder stated that he will be able to get at least 50% of the AED funded and some places will do a one hundred percent.  His shooting for the one hundred percent, complete funded scholarship for this.  This is a public building and it meets the criteria as there is no other AED available within three minutes of this location.

V.        SIGNAGE:

            Mr. Walker inquired as to the status of the sign for the door.  Ms. Everlove stated that there is now a sign out by the sidewalk and that there is a sign that has been made to go over (above) the door but it has not been installed yet.  She stated that it looks much like the sign that is out by the sidewalk.  Ms. Everlove stated that she would check to see if they could get the sign installed as soon as possible and to see if they can install some type of signage as to the library hours.  Mr. Walker suggested painted signage on the door.  This matter will be discussed again after the sign above the door is installed.  Judge Conner noted that the sign installed by the sidewalk was so close to the sidewalk that it concerns him that someone might hit their head on the sidewalk.  Ms. Everlove stated that she will look into this matter in more detail. 

            As there was no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.

DATE:  February 5, 2010.