Meeting Minutes

                                                                 January 5,  2007

                                                Honorable Burton C. Conner, Chairman


Trustees  Attending:  Honorable Burton C. Conner,  and James T. Walker, Esquire, Anthony P. Guettler, Esquire and Jim Wilder

Trustees Absent:                   Paula A. Lewis, County Commissioner

Others Attending:                  Nora J. Everlove, Librarian and Lynn T. Atkinson, Secretary



I.          Previous Minutes:

            Mr. Walker moved approval of the October minutes, Mr. Wilder seconded the motion and ti was carried.  Although there were not enough members present for a quorum for the December 2006 meeting, it was decided to approve the minutes as presented to the Board and to attached them as an addendum to the January 2007 Meeting minutes.  Mr. Wilder moved that the transcription of the December minutes be approved as they were presented, Jim Walker seconded the motion and it was carried.


II.        Financial Reports:

            Three months’ worth of reports were received and reviewed by the Trustees and discussion was had concerning the financial statements.  Ms. Everlove reported that we finished last year with about $50,000.00 more than we started with and although she was holding some bills, it appears that we are still have about $30,000.00 more than we started with.  She reported that with the new funding sources we are holding our own at the very least.  Revenues appear to still be on the upswing.  The normal pattern was that we would have a large surplus, $50,000, $60,000.00, $70,000.00, some years there was a lot less due to inflation and civil case filings.  Overall Ms. Everlove stated that she is pleased.  The Trustees asked that future reports be received in a more timely fashion.  Further discussion was had regarding the financial statements and Ms. Everlove explained some of the details of the financial statements.    Mr. Walker expressed delight at the new profit and loss statement that was provided by finance.  Mr. Walker moved approval of the financial  reports, Mr. Wilder seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.


III.       Space Needs:

            Judge Conner informed the Board that Chris Craft is now the Chairman of the County Commission and has designated himself as the Chairman of the County’s space needs committee.  During early December there was a meeting between Judge Roby, Doug Anderson, Roger Shinn, the Architect and some of the other people that are involved.  Judge Conner was not invited to the meeting.  He did not attend.  Judge Conner’s understanding is that the meeting was called at the request of both Mr. Drittenbaus, the architect and Judge Roby and also as a result of a memo that Judge Roby and Judge Conner received from Roger Shinn who is the County’s chief  supervisor for the county’s physical plant, expressing a time line for the courthouse renovations.    The time line was very disturbing as it appeared that the things were going to be delayed further down the road than what was anticipated.   Mr. Drittenbaus’ firm is the architect for the new clerk’s building and they had been approached by the County to also act as the architects for the renovation for the old courthouse and for the renovation of this courthouse.  There was a contract done to basically piggyback onto the contract for the clerk’s building.  Nothing was happening with it and the architect was becoming concerned that we need to get going on this and Judge Roby was concerned as well.   But Judge Roby also new that pragmatically that nothing was going to happen until after the elections were over with.   The meeting took place and the upshot of that meeting are the attachments  to Judge Roby’s letter to Chris Craft, dated December 21, 2006, where he is basically asking the County Commission, please approve this plan that your staff has worked up for phasing in the courthouse renovations.  Judge Conner stated that he did not know if the County Commission had actually met and reacted to the letter yet. 

            There are basically three phases to the renovations:

                        Phase One:       Fiscal Year 2006/2007:    They are planning on  funding for this year level one of the old clerk’s building which will be the Law Library, the corridor for level three and level two of the old courthouse, which is where they are going to move sheriff’s civil and the jury pool.  Then they are going to start on the infrastructure improvements for the other things they need, such as the electrical system and the air-conditioning system and so forth.

            Although this shows what the funding dates are, Judge Conner stated that he did not have a clear understanding of when the construction part of it will actually be done.

                        Phase Two:      Fiscal Year 2007/2008:   Fourth level, the top floor of the courthouse and once the law library and jury assembly and the sheriff out this year, then they can start the renovation of the downstairs area in the courthouse.

                        Phase Three:     Fiscal Year 2008/2009:  Monumental Staircase which will act as the main entrance for both court buildings.

            Judge Conner advised that he had met with the architect, Paul Drittenbaus to discuss some of his concerns and suggested that Ms. Everlove contact Mr. Drittenbaus about the law library design, especially any IT requirements.   Mr. Walker advised that he would like to participate in the meeting with Mr. Drittenbaus.  Further discussion was had and it was decided that Ms. Everlove should meet with Mr. Drittenbaus to discuss library specific issues.

            Discussion was had as to what funds the Trustees would be willing to approve for expenditure to help equip the new law library space with things that the county might not be able or willing to fund.    It would be helpful to know what the county will pay for and what the law library will need to expend for items that the law library.   Mr. Guettler expressed a desire to view the working plans for the new law library space.  The Trustees discussed  having Mr. Drittenbaus provide the Trustees with plans to look over.   Ms. Everlove will also get with the vendor to see how the current shelves can be reconfigured to fit the new library space.  Mr. Wilder suggested that it would be nice to have a “smart wall” in the new space.   He explained that a “smart wall” is an interactive board instead of a chalkboard.   Mr. Wilder volunteered to get pricing information and Ms. Everlove stated that she could probably get information from library vendors.


IV:       Judges’ Portrait:

            Discussion was had to have the sitting for the judges’ portrait at one of the two investitures that are taking place in the near future.  Mr. Walker volunteered to try to coordinate a photographer, he stated that Hightower was used the last time.   Judge Conner will send out a memo to all judges advising of the photo shoot at the investiture.  Mr. Guettler asked that Mr. Walker provide him with an invoice for the portraits when they have been taken.  Mr. Guettler inquired as to what happens to the old portraits.  He thought it might be nice to have a wall of the old portraits and pictures and everyone agreed if wall space permits.  It was discussed that perhaps it would be nice to have updated bar association pictures for the law library.


V:        CLE Seminar:

            Ms. Everlove reported that the first CLE seminar went better than expected.   There were four preregistrations.  Twelve sets of materials were furnished and there were fifteen people that attended.  There were people from Orlando, Brevard, West Palm and Okeechobee.  Ms. Everlove reported that it was not a lot of work and it was worth the money to put on the CLE seminar.  The CLE seminar is scheduled for February 9th  and the topic is “basic criminal.”  Ms. Everlove hopes that the best seller will be the “real property and basic land use” on February 16th .   The March 2nd  seminar is “representing the physician” and March 16th is “basic family law.”


VI:       Extended Hours:

            Ms. Everlove reported that she is getting with Lt. Hardie again concerning the Sheriff’s coverage for the extended law library hours.   The projected date is January 16th.    The hours would be extended on Tuesdays and Thursdays to 8:00 p.m.


VII:     Advertising and Logo Preparation:

            Ms. Everlove advised the Trustees that normally this would be done in-house.  Ms. Everlove was not happy with what her staff came up with, consequently she spoke to a friend of hers that does this type of thing professionally and hopefully she will have something to show and report back on at the next meeting.  Ms. Everlove further reported that she didn’t see this as a great expense.   

            Mr. Walker asked if Ms. Everlove was saying that she  would like to hold off on the updating of the tri-fold and the research pamphlet.   Ms. Everlove replied yes.  She feels that her priorities at this time are to advertise the extended hours and the CLE seminars and get those balls rolling.   There are still pamphlets available that can be used.   Mr. Walker asked when she thought that she would be able to get to updating the tri-fold and the pamphlets.   Ms. Everlove said that she feels that the new pamphlets might dovetail in a class.  She said that she wants to develop the class and then the pamphlet with it.  Mr. Walker wants to update the tri-fold to reflect the new hours and the new trustees.  Ms. Everlove reported that the website has been updated to reflect the new hours, the new trustees.  At this time the website is being updated to reflect updated minutes, the administrative orders for the circuit, the seminar dates for the law library and the CLE tapes that are available.   

            Mr. Guettler inquired if there is a link from the county website to the law library website.  Ms. Everlove advised the law library links to the county, but she will check to see if the county links to the law library.

            Mr. Wilder asked about PSAs.  Ms. Everlove reported that nothing has been done on that to date, but that her secretary Kathy has this down to a science and can get information out within an hour of the information being given to her.  Mr. Wilder suggested that Ms. Everlove contact Jill Roberts at Community Focus and ask that she conduct an interview with Ms. Everlove or Mr. Walker about the law library.   Mr. Wilder further suggested that Ms. Everlove contact Carol Wyatt for radio  exposure.


VIII:    Side Door Entrance and After Hours Access:

            Ms. Atkinson reported to the Board that there will be no side door entrance to the law library during the construction period on that side of the courthouse.   There will be no after hours access until further notice.


IV:       Port St. Lucie Branch:

            Mr. Walker asked Ms. Everlove if there was anything to report concerning the St. Lucie West branch.   Ms. Everlove informed the Board that her staff had not reported anything to her.  The books that were “funky” have been replaced and she feels that they are in good shape at this point.   Mr. Walker asked if Mr. Guettler would consult with the Port St. Lucie Bar Association to see if they have any concerns about the St. Lucie West branch.  Ms. Everlove would like to attend the next Port St. Lucie Bar Association meeting to talk about the extended hours and the CLE programs.



            As no further discussion was to be had, the meeting was adjourned.


            Dated: February ______, 2007




            Burton C. Conner, Chairman



            James T. Walker, Member



            Jim Wilder, Member



            Anthony P. Guettler, Member